J .D-Gallery -Bali Gardens Khanom Beach (20 mins drive south of Donsak ferry pier Nakornsritammarat SE Thailand )

(Antiques,Buddhas fine art and collectibles ,exotic import furniture and Balinese outdoor stone statues. Supplying private home villas, commercial projects and hotels in Thailand.)

We are located on the beach road at Khanom Beach in a lovely large rambling old 2 storey 100 year old home...

Southern Thailands finest Buddha and antique dealer -Asian island paintings,carved mirrors,decorations,equisite indoor,outdoor designer teak furniture and handcarved black and green lava,river and sandstone Buddha s,fountains and garden statues...es

We have a wonderful selection of antiques and exotic furniture for sale on offer in our gallery -fully imported from countries such as ,Bali ,Java, Burma. Malaysia and Timor etc with and old pieces alike on offer.

For the indoors our gallery offers a good range of oil paintings made by artists from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and especially Bali

Especially we have many antique and reproduction Buddhas from Thailand and Burma made of bronze,teak wood and paper mache etc.Quality lacquer ware from Burma and rare and unusual Asian collectibles

For the outdoors our 'Bali Gardens outdoor stone shop offers a large range of hand carved Balinese and Javanese hand carved stone Buddhas, fountains, mythilogical fiqures and attractive brightly coloured natural Bali river stone pots etc.

Our beautiful Khanom Beach Gallery can be found directly on Nadan Beach .Khun Andrew and his family welcome you to JD Gallery antiques fine indoor and outdoor furniture -Bali Gardens anytime www.jdbaligardens.com to look at buying that special piece/s to take home with you or perhaps decorate your new Thai house/residence/villa with our helpful and attentive staff.We also specailise in hotel and resort decorations.

We normally import about 4x20ft containers per year of mixed exotic collectibles and unique furniture and on arrival we have a small party to showcase our new offerings.Hopefully you can join our client list so as to attend our wine and cheese new arrival parties 4 times a year!

We wish to offer you the finest Thai antiques,fine art and magnificent indoor/outdoor stone furnishings that we can

Enjoy your shopping at our Khanom Buddha antique, art gallery,furniture and garden stone center.

We hope to see you at our gallery soon.

Kind regards and best wishes ,

Andrew and family!

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